Monday, October 18, 2010

determining MAC address of your C3 phone

The Nokia C3 outstanding feature is its Wifi capability. There are cheaper phones which may on the surface shame the C3 such as dual or triple sims, tv, or touchscreen but the name alone bespeaks of quality and reliability. My fake PekingPhone which terribly emulates an Iphone has its glass cover cracked when it was inadvertently dropped and I was not able to access its features again!

Some wireless networks with the simplest secutity settings insists that the hardware Mac Address of any client must be inserted in the list of filtered MAC addresses. So if you know that the wireless network requires MAC address filtering, here are the steps:

1. Goto Settings/Connectivity/WLAN/Available WLANS
The phone will detect any nearby wifi stations, choose the wifi to connect to, then select Options/Details. When you press the select button, it will give you the following information:

Access point MAC:
Phone MAC:
Connection time:

The connection time and IP fields are only available when you are already connected to the WLAN.
If your wifi system you are interested have a MAC filtering address system, copy the Phone MAC address and give it to the WIFI station administrator who shall then enter the
MAC address in the filtered list.

When you choose the WLAN again, and press the select button, it should connect automatically and you can use the phoneĊ› Opera browser to access the Internet virtually free!

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