Friday, February 11, 2011

Will the Microsoft partnership result in a stronger Nokia or mark the end of its dominance?

I think if it is featured in the New York Times, see rumors of using a Windows OS in Nokia cell phones make it official. But this marks a dramatic change for Nokia which has been using Symbian OS in its high end phones. Nokia may not continue to offer Meego and in fact the chairman has let go of its vice-president handling the Meego project.

The big winner here is Microsoft, whose Phone 7 OS has NOT seen wide adoption by other cell phone makers. This is a loss of self-confidence on Nokia's part, and may affect customer perception as they know NOkia plans to phase out Symbian.

I for one is in the market for an Android phone, current prices are way above 5,000 Pesos at the moment. This only means that our blog which you are reading may reach end-of-life in just under two years. Tthere is no room for improvements or modifications in Symbian, whether S60 or S40 version.

But we will continue to put out posts for our C3 which we have grown fond of.

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