Monday, December 20, 2010

How to post a photo as your Facebook status.

Jan. 21: Flash! There is a faster way to save photos in Gallery/Images where the C3 Facebook application looks for photos to upload: Please click on Fastest way...

I have rewritten the procedure.

You can only upload photos to Facebook from the Gallery/Images folder of the Applications menu of the C3. So here are the steps:

1. open the gallery from the Menu/Apps.
2. click on a photo album (subdirectory in gallery) which is different from gallery/Images! this is usually "NO NAME". The others are Images (where the FB app expects your photos to be in), Video clips,
Music Files, Themes, Graphics,Tones,Recordings,Received files.
3. select the photo
4. click on option
5. move to gallery/Images

Now that you have a photo in gallery/Images,
1. open your Facebook home page in the C3
2. You will be normally presented with the FB new status editor. Cancel to go to the FB menu page.
Select upload photo by selecting the camera icon from the choices given on the top: (messages, events,recent list,friend requests, camera).This will give you a popup menu asking to select Gallery or Camera.
3. Choose Gallery.
4. Select the photo.
5. Click on options, choose add Caption.
6. Click on share and you should be done.
Someday, one should be able to upload entire albums instead of a single photo!
We should expect this feature from Nokia.

Next time we will post pics. if only the C3 has a savescreen feature!


  1. This didnt Work for me! :( when i take a picture it automatically savs in "my photos" so how do i move them to "my gallery"?? Please help x

  2. Katie,

    I have rewritten the post to avoid misunderstanding.
    Ok. lets do it again to transfer your file to the gallery where Facebook application of C3 will find it.

    Your photo is in My Photos.
    Open main menu of C3. Select Apps. Open Gallery.You have some icons showing

    Video clips
    Music Files
    Received files.

    Your photos "my PHotos" is actually in NO NAME/Images!
    Click on the first icon NONAME, and click on Images subdirectory.
    Select your photo from the thumbnail gallery.
    Click on Options, and move highlight to Move.
    C3 will ask you to select a destination folder.

    Select Images and you are done.

    Really I have to post pics. wait a while.