Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why are my movie shots only 5 seconds??!!

I was wondering why my movie shots in my C3 lasted only a tweeny 5 seconds??!

Luckily Ms. Ail Yen, a young student of mine, who has a Samsung phone, offered to take a look and in a few seconds demonstrated that

1. the short 5 seconds was only for SMS attached videos.
2. there is a setting that the running recoding time is only limited by the memory, in my case
8Gbytes. The phone indicated that one can create a 5 hour movie!

Thanks to Elaine! Here are the instructions to remove the short video recording times of the Nokia C3.

Jan. 30, 2011: Sorry, I recall I have posted the instructions here. Anyway to repeat:
Set the phone to movie taking mode.

Put the phone in camera shooting mode: either from Main menu > photo > camera or directly choosing the camera icon if presented with the opening screen.

Then press the right side of the selector navigation ring until the movie icon is hightlighted.
Or from Options> "Video Camera" when in camera mode.
Select Options> "Video clip length" and set to maximum available. (The other one is for MMS message).

Practice the steps before you shoot an important event. Thats a secret of professionals, to be always ready antime.

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