Saturday, September 24, 2011

How do I create Notes in the Nokia C3?

This phone has five types of notes apps with calendar integration, namely,

  1. Reminder
  2. Meeting
  3. Call
  4. Birthday
  5. Anniversary

These are all available in the calendar application by pressing Option/Make a note.
When the date/time arrives the user will be automatically informed or alerted by the phone that
a note has been triggered.

But what if you just want to write a note like a file wihthout calendar integration, i.e,
notification? No problem! Click on Apps, select Notes (You need to scroll down to see it), it is
after the To-do list.

Here are some menu selections under the Apps/Notes menu:

Make a note create a new note
Delete delete current active note
Edit edit the current note
Use detail copies Number|Mail address|Web address for later pasting.
send note send as messgae or send via bluetooth
delete all note this is dangerous, so use with caution.
memory status why it is in Apps/Notes is anybody's guess.

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