Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who just called you and whom did you call recently?

The call logs are hidden inside the Contacts icon so press Menu/Contacts/Log

Under this Logs we have

All calls

  • Missed calls
  • Received calls-phone numbers (if available from the network) of received calls .
  • Dialled numbers - view the most frequently dialed numbers.
  • Message recepients - view phone numbers of recepients of sent messages.
  • Clear log lists - clear log lists , CAUTION in using this feature.
  • Call Duration-duration of all recent, received, dialled and all calls calls.
  • Data Counter - number of bytes of sent, received latest sessions and connections.
  • Packet data timer- duration of packet data connections and lets you reset the timers.
  • Message log - [sent|received] [texts |MMS] messages
  • Positioning - adjust positioning settings, view positioning requests.
  • Sync log-details on synchronization events

    So who just called us? choose received and missed calls.

    And whom did you call recently? choose dialled numbers.

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