Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Basic C3 model still going strong surprisingly in the Philippines!!

I bought the original C3 at P5,700 pesos at SM Annex. Now you can get the C3 for 1000 pesos less. The greater affordibility translates to more buyers of this basic QWERTY keyboard input mobile phone from Nokia. the C3 is rather top heavy, but comnes with wifi, bluetooth connectivity. Unlike the two touchscreen phones (at 4000 pesos) each which died on me(screen cracked), the C3 has survived many times it was accidentally dropped.

Perhaps the sane mobile phone buyer in the Philippines is not impressed by the newer Android powered mobile phones?Some would rather buy an N8 with its high quality camera. The Android phones are just out of reach or are too expensive to buy at the moment.

I only wished a newer C3 upgrade should have dual SIMS.In fact I am planning to buy a basic dual sim phone to have access to more than one service provider,.

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