Friday, February 17, 2012

How to determine the IMEI number of your Nokia phone

I just bought a new C2-00 basic phone for P2350 at SM Annex at SM City, Quezon City. The guy was helpful enough to show me when asked how to get the IMEI number, handy in case you lose your phone and want to block its use by the one who found it. Not that the C2-00 is worth stealing, it is relatively cheap, but it is Nokia branded.

The numbers are also imprinted just below the battery compartment, but the numbers are too small to see.

Type *#06# on you cellphone. It should automatically display the results!
but I am wondering why I got 2 numbers, then realized that it has two SIM cards.


There is no relation between the IMEI numbers with your SIM cards.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity number and supposedly identifies your phone on the GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN mobile , as well as some satellite phone networks.

You can use it to tell your carrier to block the phone in case you lose it, rendering it useless, but criminals have learned and have the tools to change the IMEI numbers! But better save it for future use.

Further reading:

Wikipedia entry on IMEI


The IMEI number is not supposed to be easy to change, making the CEIR(Central Equipment Identity Registry) blacklisting effective. However this is not always the case: a phone's IMEI may be easy to change with special tools.

"New IMEIs can be programmed into stolen handsets and 10% of IMEIs are not unique." According to a BT Cellnet spokesman quoted by the BBC. [1]
IMEIs can sometimes be unlisted depending on local arrangements. This would typically include quoting a password which was chosen at the time the blacklisting was applied.

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