Monday, January 24, 2011

Activate or deactivate flight mode in Nokia C3

Your Nokia has a set of profiles with various configuration settings. Select Menu > Profiles.
You will be presented with the following choices:

General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, My style 1, My style 2, Flight. The last two are out of view since only 5 at a time are displayed.

Press the top part of the navigation ring to go immediately to the last choice, which is Flight.

To activate, press the center select button on flight and choose Activate (the other is Personalise)
In this profile mode, the phone will not accept or send any communications! A plane icon should appear in the Menu screen, but this is not guaranteed to be the case always as we learned in a previous posting.

To deactivate, select any profile except Flight, say General and press center select button to activate.

WARNING: Sometimes the phone is in flight mode even though no plane icon is showing! Activate any of the modes (except FLIGHT!), say, via Menu > Profiles > General.

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