Thursday, January 27, 2011

The FM radio on the C3-00

The Nokia C3 has an FM radio, which you can access via Menu > Music > Radio. But it requires you to plugin the headset provided, since it needs the long wire connector to function as an antenna. You know that the headset is working if you can see the headset icon from the Desktop screen. If you cannot see the icon, press the headphone connector with a rotating motion. it should go in without much restraint. Otherwise you are in the market for a new headphone. These can be fragile.

My headphone provided by NOkia is already broken, so I have to buy a cheap headphone at CDRKing. The nice thing about the Nokia headphone is that you can change stations by clicking on a central button in the bulbous junction which connect the earbuds and the headphone. Alas, the connecting ends to the central junction are now frayed.

the Options menu offers the following selections.

  1. Switch Off
  2. Save station - save station, on restarting radio, this will be automatically selected.
  3. Stations - lists all stations reachable.
  4. Search all stations - renews stations list.
  5. Set frequency - allows you to enter the desired station frequency.
  6. Settings
    • RDS - on or off
    • Allows phone to display information on station
    • Auto-frequency
    • Play via (headset or speaker)
    • Output -Mono or Stereo output
    • Radio theme
    • The standard setting has a more pleasing darker background.
  7. Station Directory

You cannot record fm radio broadcasts in the C3. I was wondering why Nokia did NOT provide this feature since some of their other phones can do record FM broadcasts!

A faster way of turning the radio off when in Radio screen, is simply to press the central selector button.

The navigation ring when the menu screen is in radio mode allows you to quickly perform the following:

To adjust the volume to the headphone, just press the top or lower portion of the navigation ring for volume control.

To quickly switch stations in a linear manner, just press the left and right portions of the navigation ring.

I noticed that along NLEX far from Metro Manila, the school's van CD Player/FM radio is quite sensitive to FM radio signals due to its strong external antenna reception, whereas the small C3 cannot detect stations at all! This is expected. Feb. 28: I changed my headphones, and I was able to detect more stations! So try various headphones to get the best reception.

Feb. 13, 2011 revised volume control and radio station selection

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