Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quickly copy image files to your computer using a usb data cable.

My computer(a laptop) has no bluetooth device built-in. Although I have a cheap(150 peso) external bluetooth device from CDRKing, I prefer to use a micro USB data cable to transfer quickly photos from the Nokia C3. Here are the steps:

The Nokia C3 has a micro usb port. If you have a compatible usb-phone cable, your computer can quickly transfer files. Much faster than using a bluetooth. Here I illustrate using Linux Ubuntu 10.04.

Attach the data cable to your phone and computer usb port. NEVER force connect a wrong data cable to your phone.

Got to Main Menu >Settings>USB data cable. There are some choices offered:

Media transfer
Mass storage
Ask on connection
Nokia Ovi suite

I picked Mass storage and opened a console. The computer automatically detected the connection! It labelled the connection as 7.9 GB Filesystem.

and your phone should display

Access memory card from 
connected device. Press done 
when finished.

Next create a temporary directory, nokia-c3 and cd to it.
Type df. The output should look like

toto@toto-laptop:~$ df
Filesystem   1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1    113179556  63588632  43841664  60% /
none           1408176       272   1407904   1% /dev
none           1415032      1872   1413160   1% /dev/shm
none           1415032       236   1414796   1% /var/run
none           1415032         0   1415032   0% /var/lock
/dev/sdb1      7753728   1198272   6555456  16% /media/0003-2ADA

Next, issue
cp /media/0003-2ADA/Images/* .  -uv

The phone now transfer all files. With an 8 Gbytes card you can have many images!
When done, click Done on the phone and remove the cable.

The files are now stored in your computer! With an 8 Gbytes card, the phone can store more than a thousand photos.

This is preferrable to taking out the fragile Micro SD card, putting it inside an SD card adaptor and inserting in the SD card slot of the computer, and taking it out again from the adaptor and inserting back the card back to your phone! So many steps to go awry.

Go to your friendly Nokia phone seller and ask for a data cable. It should not be that expensive. I did not have to buy mine as there are plenty of Nokia phones in the house.

You can of course use the Ubuntu GUI to do all the steps above, but I prefer using the console.


  1. Hi ,

    Have you been able to use nokia c3 as modem and connect to internet on ubuntu??
    Please let me know how it is done on ubuntu or any other linux distro.


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